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Wednesday, 02 May 2007

Speech by Kiff, Magaliesberg, 2002 reunion

Kiff Holland: Magaliesburg, April 21, 2002.

Happy Acres is about my mother’s private fantasies that became shared property. For some of you, it was a scheme that Janet and I had. But it was a scheme that was passed down from the foresight of my parents.

I wish I was cleverer and a wordsmith to put down all the things that came into the mix of influences that came to bear on the people that you all are. Influences that, after 30 years, you can get together and have these wonderful relationships, based on a common grounding in your lives. It is much more than an esprit de corps.

You’ve expanded on everything Happy Acres taught you. All of you had the potential to be more than you could be. My parents started the camp that could help you do this. Some of it rubbed off onto me. And it gave you the chance as well.

Happy Acres was not about Ma and Pa Holland, or Kiff and Janet. It was an honest bringing together of a group of young people who, through all our combined efforts, were willing to go for a goal, and to make the place work. If it had not have been for you, Happy Acres would not have existed. So this occasion today is not for me, but for you. Thank you.

People, partners at reunion Jnb April 07

John Ferreira, Liz Palthe Jnb April 07

Adam Glasser, Bert Palthe, John Ferreira Jnb April 07

Peter Musto, Bert Palthe Jnb April 07

John Ferreira, Liz Palthe Jnb April 07

Liz Palthe, Peter Musto, Guy Berger Jnb April 07

Bert Palthe, John Ferreira, Liz Palthe Jnb April 07

Adam Glasser Pat Klep Jnb April 07

Francis Moodie, Liz Palthe, Adam Glasser: Jnb April 07

Tuesday, 01 May 2007

For reminisces & some pix incl 2002 reunion

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1. Does anyone remember how "Kookaburra sits in the old gum tree -ee" was changed to "Mr Holland sits in the old settee -ee"?

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