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Wednesday, 02 May 2007

Francis Moodie, Liz Palthe, Adam Glasser: Jnb April 07

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Anonymous said...

Hello Frances, Liz and Adam.

How wonderful to see your pictures all these many years later! Frances, I remember you well from HA but also from a party at Ian Mitchells' house where you were annoyed because we wanted to dance "regular" rather than Square Dancing - why do I remember that!!! Liz, I remember your generous and open spirit - it obviously lives on. Adam, I remember you well - I also remember a party at my house in Parkhurst where we were trying to deal with Zac who was "in a state" and saying not very nice things about your mom. Why do I remember that!!! I remember you had a sweet sister with dark hair - Annabelle? Warm thoughts to all - Pamela McInnes

By the way, it is me next to Mandy English in the group picture.